My Morning Routine

First of all, what is a morning routine?? Well let me tell you.. a morning routine or at least a routine is first defined by Merriam-Webster as “a regular way of doing things in a particular order,” and secondly (my favorite) it is defined as “a boring state or situation in which things are always done the same way.”

Routine is something I hate. Don’t get me wrong, some routine is great to have. It allows you to have a schedule and some consistency in life, but most of the time routine is just flat out BORING. I am the kind of person that loves change because when things in my life are growing and changing, I know I am growing and changing too. Why get stuck in the same old routine when you can experience many fun cool things by switching it up every now and then??

So, what is my morning routine? Good question, I don’t have one. I mean of course every morning I wash my face at some point, eat breakfast, and do some of the same things, but it is when and how that changes every time. Some mornings I go for a run 30 minutes after I wake up, others I get in the shower first, some mornings I brush my teeth first, others I was my face, sometimes I use my Fresh soy face cleanser (which by the way is AMAZING), others I use just baby soap, some mornings I make myself an entire breakfast, others I am lucky to get a cup of coffee on the way out. Each morning is a different morning, and honestly I think it makes my life a little easier and little more fun.

I am not going to lie though, I love watching different YouTubers’ morning routine vlogs. Except lets be honest, unless you just work from home (and not even a stay at home mom has time to do all of the things these women do) there is no way to do these same “morning routines” every morning. Just for fun, here what the majority of YouTubers’ morning routines consist of

  1. Wake up
  2. Stretch for 5 minutes (think of things you are blessed for, take a moment to breathe)
  3. Spray on my essential oils to wake up and energize your skin
  4. Force yourself to drink an apple cider vinegar drink that is disgusting BUT increases your metabolism
  5. work out for 45mins, if a good day, then an hour
  6. shower (using only organic shampoos and conditioners)
  7. wash face (with 10 different cleansers and oils and moisturize with completely organic $100 moisturizer)
  8. make coffee (do a few little workouts while your coffee brews)
  9. maybe sit down read a little, blog a little, respond to some emails, one girl said “I just turn up the music and have a quick dance party to really put myself in a good mood”
  10. make breakfast, a nice organic egg white sandwich with avocado, spinach, and a whole wheat english muffin
  11. time for make up ❤
  12. then get to work!! which is typically blogging

Okay, I will admit, I sounded really bitter typing this out.. but I promise I am not. I mean, good for these people, I would love to have mornings like this all the time, but in reality I can’t which is okay.  I like my morning changing because it allows me to have a lot of flexibility and few unfulfilled expectations.

Overall I try not to be a creature of habit and that includes setting a specific morning routine that I quickly get bored of. I try to switch it up a little, give myself a break and sleep an extra 30 mins and skip breakfast, try new face products, change up my work out routine, eat something that’s not organic, or don’t make my bed up that day. But in the end it doesn’t matter if you have an extravagant morning routine or an unpredictable one, what matters is that you find the routine (if any) that fits you the best and prepares you for the day.


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