1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

What is life without inspiration? Inspiration motivates, encourages success, exposes our passions, connects us with others, and produces creativity. Inspiration is found almost anywhere: a painting, music, films, a person, books, a few words, an image, a job, dance, a performance, etc. Not just that, one thing can inspire multiple people in vastly different ways. Inspiration is a dynamic and endless concept, and not only are we, ourselves, inspired, but we hope to inspire. The edge of inspiration is where we decide to either free fall into a creative abyss of opportunity and dreams regardless if we succeed or fail, or to step back from the edge into our comfortable and “safe” lives. Make no mistake, following your inspirations creates a much more fulfilling life, and it exposes you to a whole world of inspiration every where you look. This blog aims to show my inspiration in all areas of life and hopefully inspire you in some way. I hope you take that step off of the edge of inspiration and embrace where it takes you.